Insights into Google AMP: A Glimpse Inside the Walled Garden

March 25, 2021

Google is talking privacy. Google is pushing accelerated Web pages. Google is doing what it can to stifle third party cookies. The datasphere will be a better, more tidy place, right?

Navigate to “Google AMP. A 70% Drop in Our Conversion Rate.” Notice these points:

  1. A technical adept tried to follow the Google rules and experienced a decline in conversion rates
  2. The procedure outlined in the write up will be a challenge for many online publishers to follow
  3. The write up does not explain why these positive initiatives of the Google have turned out to have a couple of negatives.

Google is moving access to content produced by certain third parties into its walled garden. The goal is to obtain control and extract maximum information. The silliness about relevance and consistency should be placed in the wooden shed in the corner of the walled garden behind the statue of Googzilla.

For many Facebook is the Internet. That Facebook content is what users generate, others want, and Facebook monetizes.

Google wants this set up too. Get amped up on that, gentle reader. Plus, with increased legal scrutiny, the mom and pop online ad company has to hustle along.

Stephen E Arnold, March 25, 2021


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