Autonomy: Some Search History

April 6, 2021

I want to offer a happy quack to The Register, an online information service, for links to Autonomy documents. The slow moving legal carnival train is nearing its destination. “Everything You Need to Know about the HPE v Mike Lynch High Court Case” provides a useful summary of the trial. In addition, the article includes links to a number of fascinating documents. These provide some helpful insights into the challenges vendors of enterprise search and content processing systems face. Furthermore, the documents make clear that enterprise software can be a business challenge. The sales cycle is difficult. Installing and optimizing the software are challenges. Plus keeping the customer’s expectations for a solution in line with the realities of the solution often require the intellectual skills of big time wizards. Why are these documents relevant in 2021?

First, some vendors of search and content processing systems ignore the realities exposed in these documents.

Second, today’s customers are fooled by buzzwords and well crafted demonstrations. The actual system may be “different.”

Third, the users of today’s systems are likely to find themselves struggling to locate and make sense of information they know is available in the organization.

But marketing and complex interactions among software and service vendors and their partners are fascinating. Are similar practices in play today?

That’s an interesting question to consider.

Stephen E Arnold, April 6, 2021


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