HPE Machine Learning: A Benefit of the Autonomy Tech?

April 8, 2021

This sounds like an optimal solution from HPE (formerly known as HP); too bad it was not available back when the company evaluated the purchase of Autonomy. Network World reports, “HPE Debuts New Opportunity Engine for Fast AI Insights.” The machine-learning platform is called the Software Defined Opportunity Engine, or SDOE. It is based in the cloud, and will greatly reduce the time it takes to create custom sales proposals for HPE channel partners and customers. Citing a blog post from HPE’s Tom Black, writer Andy Patrizio explains:

“It takes a snapshot of the customer’s workloads, configuration, and usage patterns to generate a quote for the best solution for the customer in under a minute. The old method required multiple visits by resellers or HPE itself to take an inventory and gather usage data on the equipment before finally coming back with an offer. That meant weeks. SDOE uses HPE InfoSight, HPE’s database which collects system and use information from HPE’s customer installed base to automatically remediate infrastructure issues. InfoSight is primarily for technical support scenarios. Started in 2010, InfoSight has collected 1,250 trillion data points in a data lake that has been built up from HPE customers. Now HPE is using it to move beyond technical support to rapid sales prep.”

The write-up describes Black’s ah-ha moment when he realized that data could be used for this new purpose. The algorithm-drafted proposals are legally binding—HPE must have a lot of confidence in the system’s accuracy. Besides HPE’s existing database and servers, the process relies on the assessment tool recently acquired when the company snapped up CloudPhysics. We learn that the tool:

“… analyzes on-premises IT environments much in the same way as InfoSight but covers all of the competition as well. It then makes recommendations for cloud migrations, application modernization and infrastructure. The CloudPhysics data lake—which includes more than 200 trillion data samples from more than one million virtual machines—combined with HPE’s InfoSight can provide a fuller picture of their IT infrastructure and not just their HPE gear.”

As of now, SDOE is only for storage systems, but we are told that could change down the road. Black, however, was circumspect on the details.

Cynthia Murrell, April 8, 2021


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