More Management and PR Deftness at the Google

July 23, 2021

I read “Google Leader Quits, Alleging Corporate Racism.” As a stellar American baseball professional allegedly said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The allegedly accurate real news story stated:

Ashley Ray-Harris, a project leader for Google content creation, quit the company, saying in an email to Google that she experienced “some of the worst bureaucratic, corporate racism” that she “ever experienced.” “At a certain point I realized that even if you find a team that makes you feel welcomed, we still work within a company that views Black women as lesser than even as we sacrifice our mental health and work/life balance for this company,” Ray-Harris wrote in her resignation letter, which she posted to Twitter on Friday evening [July 16, 2021].

Several observations:

  • Recruiters representing may have to some convincing in order to attract certain talented individuals.
  • High school science club management principles are remarkably effective at generating publicity around high profile experts who quit on the very high school-centric service Twitter.
  • SHRM might be able to do a session about the Google HR methods.

As the wise Yogi Berra allegedly said: “How can you think and hit at the same time?”

Another strike called.

Stephen E Arnold, July 23, 2021


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