NSO Group: PR Push?

July 26, 2021

I checked my Overflight system to see what’s shakin’ with the NSO Group pickle. (I ran these queries on July 25, 2021.)  I noted a series of write ups. Here’s a sampling:

Economic Times of India, “Millions Sleep Well at Night, Walk Safely on Streets Due to Technologies like Pegasus: NSO”

New Indian Express, “Millions Sleep Well at Night, Walk Safely on Streets Due to Technologies Like Pegasus: NSO”

ABP Live, “Millions Sleep Well At Night, Walk Safely On Streets Thanks To Technologies Like Pegasus: NSO”

Technology for You, “Millions Sleep Well, Walk Safely Due To Technologies Like Pegasus, Says NSO”

Devdiscourse, “Millions Sleep Well at Night, Walk Safely on Streets Due to Technologies like Pegasus: NSO”

And there are more, quite a few more.

Here’s a screenshot from the low profile Web search engine called 50 Thousand Feet. Notice that this is the fourth page of results:

a nso small results

After making brilliant statements over the last week, NSO Group is now demonstrating content marketing carpet bombing. The idea is to flood certain channels with the message about getting a good night’s sleep. In a market niche characterized by people and organizations keeping a low profile, NSO Group is a veritable Vasco de Gama. The company has launched its stout marketing in order to open a new path to understanding.

Several questions:

  1. Will the good news content marketing about NSO Group’s positive contributions to a good night sleep deflect the investigative journalists collecting information about the company?
  2. Was the PR effort a result of a suggestion from an Israeli government task force?
  3. What content marketing firm pushed out the stories?
  4. How will the deduplication functions of the stunning Bing.com search, the chart-topping Google search, and the bear-like Yandex handle the same story in numerous outlets?
  5. How much did this NSO content marketing campaign cost?
  6. Is the “sleeping well” story the first wave of content bombs or is it a one and done assault?
  7. Does the content marketing carpet bombing capture the attention of TikTok and YouTube consumers?

I find this an interesting PR campaign. Good news is welcome by many. For some, the flood of “sleeping well” assurances raises the question: “What’s NSO Group trying to accomplish?” The news organizations loosing their investigative reporters on this story may find the smoke, sound, and shock waves from the content marketing carpet bombing like a lavish picnic lunch on a blanket adjacent a fire ant mound:


Those Solenopsidini critters can be industrious, very industrious when content marketing pops the lids on picnic goodies as the campfire grills the mixture of lamb and ground beef. Where’s there is smoke, there is fire. Where there is fire in the summer, it’s either a picnic or disaster.

Stephen E Arnold, July 26, 2021


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