YouTube: Serving Consumers or Bullying?

July 26, 2021

Ycombinator included a comment from someone. That comment was flagged. However, the information in the original comment and the observations offered by Ycombinator users are interesting. The information reveals what I characterize as an escalating battle between those who view YouTube videos and YouTube itself. (I am not going to discuss the escalating tension between “creators,” YouTube, and the service

First, the Ycombinator item contains this statement:

YouTube is still not happy. Today when I opened the app on my phone, it still showed me an add. It is infuriating at least. This won’t probably make it, but I needed to share.

So what? The flagged poster subscribed to YouTube and YouTube still displays advertisements.

Second, the comments include the tools which one can use to block YouTube’s charming and highly relevant, on point, information packed advertisements; for example:







uBlock Origin


Third, the fact that YouTube is becoming a cable-tv like operation is interesting as well.

Net net: Do you hear that tick tock? Maybe it is spelled TikTok?

Stephen E Arnold, July 26, 2021


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