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July 30, 2021

Many fields have seen a shift to remote work that is likely to stick around long after the pandemic is just a bitter memory. The Technology Headlines focuses on one sector in, “How Has the Crisis Affected Marketers?” The write-up states its figures come from executives, marketers, account managers, and brand directors from around the world. We learn:

“This rapid and profound change in the working model has far-reaching implications, as many social and economic challenges of 2020. But even with the adversity, you can already see the benefits that could positively impact the growth of the marketing industry for years to come. The main findings are as follows:

  1. By working remotely, account managers and brand managers are nearly twice as likely to be more productive as their top management.
  2. Remote creative collaboration is much more difficult for young marketers than for their more experienced counterparts.
  3. One in five marketers believes  that career opportunities have indeed improved during the pandemic.
  4. 42% of managers believe that communication with the team is better when working remotely.
  5. Working from home has become the norm, and most marketers say telecommuting will impact their hiring plans in the future.
  6. Marketing employees are far more eager to return to the office than their home-based counterparts.
  7. Direct mail and outdoor advertising are promotion channels that marketers assume will be a thing of the past after the pandemic, and there is already a rise in paid social activity, digital advertising and podcast sponsorship.”

Whether working remotely has been beneficial or not varies widely. While nearly a third of marketers reported improved productivity working remotely, almost a quarter stated the opposite. For 31% of workers, the situation gave them a chance to prove themselves to their managers. Perhaps that is only natural since time spent interacting in meetings drastically increased. Over half of the respondents expect the number of remote workers, whether full-time employees or freelancers, to actually increase going forward. For better or worse, it looks like the bulk of marketing work is not moving back into the office any time soon.

Cynthia Murrell, July 30, 2021


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