Apple: Change Is a Constant in the Digital Orchard

August 18, 2021

Do you remember how plans would come together at the last minute when you were in high school. Once the gaggle met up, plans would change again. I do. Who knew what was going on? When my parents asked me, “Where are you going?” I answered directly: “I don’t know yet.”

Apple sparked a moment of déjà vu for me when I read “Apple Alters Planned New System for Detecting Child Sex Abuse Images over Privacy Concerns.” The write up explained that the high school science club member have allowed events to shape their plans.

Even more interesting is what the new course of action will be; to wit:

The tech giant has said the system will now only hunt for images that have been flagged by clearinghouses in multiple countries.

How’s this going to work? Mode, median, mean, row vector value smoothing, other? The write up states:

Apple had declined to say how many matched images on a phone or a computer it would take before the operating system notifies them for a human review and possible reporting to authorities.

Being infused with the teen aged high school science club approach to decision making, some give the impression of being confused or disassociated from the less intelligent herd.

I have some questions about how these “clearinghouses in multiple countries” will become part of the Apple method. But as interested as I am in who gets to provide inputs, I am more interested in those thresholds and algorithms.

I don’t have to worry, one of the Apple science club managers apparently believes that the core of the system will return 99 percent or greater accuracy.

That’s pretty accurate because that’s six sigma territory for digital content in digital content land. Amazing.

But that’s the teen spirit which made high school science club decisions about what to do to prank the administrators so much fun. What happens if one chows down on too many digital apples? Oh, oh.

Stephen E Arnold, August 18, 2021


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