T-Mobile Security: A Quote to Note

September 1, 2021

T-Mobile Hacker Found Weakness” is a summary of the all-too-familiar story of a big company, indifference, security hand waving, and an alleged breach of alleged customers. Please, read the original “real” news story. No payee; no viewee, however. I want to highlight what I think is the most important direct quote in the write up; to wit:

Their security is awful.

That’s pretty juicy.

Wait, please. One more gem is tucked into the write up. Here’s that statement:

On August 13, the security research firm Unit221B LLC reported to T-Mobile that an account was attempting to sell T-Mobile customer data, according to the security firm.

What this statement, if accurate, suggests that the hundreds of high end, proactive threat detection systems did not spot this breach and offer of customer data.

One firm did. And what about other cyber security experts?

My hunch is that if the statements in the article are on the money, it may be time to entertain this question: Why don’t high end cyber security systems work?

Stephen E Arnold, September 1, 2021


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