Life Long Learning or Else

September 28, 2021

Everyone wants to reduce stress, have “quality time”, and do the hybrid work thing with as much flexibility possibility. There’s something to fill the void. Navigate to “The Future of Work: Can You Adapt Fast Enough Before Becoming Unemployed?” The answer is, “Sure, there’s plenty of time in between Zooms, thumbtyping, and doom scrolling.

The write up states:

AI will also impact the future of your employment. A future where AI might give rise to market segregation of low-skill, low pay, and high-skill, high pay. The author Martin Ford predicts a growing inequality based on the hollowing out of job skills.

The expert offering this delightful vision for the Gen Xers is Martin Ford, who is a futurist, a TED talker, and the author of Architects of Intelligence (2018). He is quoted as saying:

Also, inequality can greatly increase as essentially what’s happening with artificial intelligence is that capital is displacing labor and of course capital is owned by very few people; wealthy people tend to own lots of capital, and most other people do not own much. Over time it makes our whole society more unequal. I think this is going to be a real challenge for us in the coming decades.

How does one get ahead of this eight ball? Easy pick a hot field like analytics and become an expert. Don’t like big data or smart software? You can become a management consultant.

Easy. Stress free. Lots of time for mobile device fiddling at a coffee shop.

Stephen E Arnold, September 27, 2021


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