Regulating Big Tech: Ho, Ho, Ho. That Is a Good One

October 11, 2021

How long do government attorneys remain on the job? One answer is, “Until a big time firm comes with a juicy job.”

Now what’s this fact of government life suggest for regulating big tech?

One clue appears in “Apple Files Appeal in Epic Games Case, Potentially Delaying App Store Changes for Years.” The operative word is “appeal.” Yep, Apple has money, lawyers, and corporate patience. The US government has fewer legal resources and some lawyers who might jump at a chance to work in the big weird spaceship house pizza dish.

Here’s the passage I noted:

If Apple wins the stay, which will be decided by a judge in November, a rule change potentially allowing developers to circumvent App Store fees of 15% to 30% may not take effect until appeals in the case have finished, a process that could take years.

Does this suggest that taking steps to deal with “big tech” may be a tough job?


Stephen E Arnold, October 11, 2021


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