Stanford Google AI Bond?

October 12, 2021

I read “Peter Norvig: Today’s Most Pressing Questions in AI Are Human-Centered.” It appears, based on the interview, that Mr. Norvig will work at Stanford’s Institute for Human Centered AI.

Here’s the quote I found interesting:

Now that we have a great set of algorithms and tools, the more pressing questions are human-centered: Exactly what do you want to optimize? Whose interests are you serving? Are you being fair to everyone? Is anyone being left out? Is the data you collected inclusive, or is it biased?

These are interesting questions, and ones that I assume Dr. Timnit Gebru will offer answers.

Will Stanford’s approach to artificial intelligence advance its agenda and address such issues as bias in the Snorkel-type of approach to machine learning? Will Stanford and Google expand their efforts to provide the solutions which Mr. Norvig describes in this way?

You don’t get credit for choosing an especially clever or mathematically sophisticated model, you get credit for solving problems for your users.

Like ads, maybe? Like personnel problems? Like augmenting certain topics for teens? Maybe?

Stephen E Arnold, October 12, 2021


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