Learning about Advertising Executives: A Google Lesson

October 27, 2021

I spotted a story about Google’s systems and methods for capturing advertising revenue. “Ad Execs Dismayed, But Not Surprised by Tactics Google Allegedly Used to Control Digital Ad Dollars.” The information about Google was not particularly interesting. The company has been operating in ways which make it difficult for those who just love free services and the Googley glitz to discern what’s shakin’ in the management meetings.

The write up states one point which I found intriguing:

Trade bodies are quiet while industry insiders shrug as if to say “what did you expect.” They’ve long accepted the harsh truths of online advertising in the platform era.

Notice the words “insiders,” “shrug,” “harsh truths,” and “platform.”

I interpreted these two sentences to suggest ad execs know the game is rigged. Why, pray tell? Commissions, the value of being Google certified, and getting the insider scoop on opportunities to help ad execs’ customers sell their products (at least one hopes something besides ad inventory sells).

This article adds little to the Google ad lore, but it says quite a bit about the brokers or facilitators of ad sales.

Commissions, consulting fees, and the lure of search engine optimization runways to for fee Google ads — yep, the ad execs are in the game.

Perhaps the hot topic of ad fraud will be discussed? Perhaps not?

Stephen E Arnold, October 27, 2021


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