The Zuck Strikes Back

November 2, 2021

Well, when Facebook strikes back it probably won’t use words. A few threshold modifications, a handful of key words (index terms), and some filter tweaking — – the target will be in for an exciting time. Try explaining why your Facebook page is replete with links to Drug X and other sporty concepts. Yeah, wow.

Mark Zuckerberg angrily Insists Facebook Is the Real Victim Here” includes some interesting observations:

At the top of his company’s third quarter earnings call, the Facebook CEO broadly railed against the 17 news organizations working together to report on a massive trove of leaked internal documents dubbed the Facebook Papers.

Okay, victim.

What could Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp do to make life difficult for bylined journalists digging through the company’s confidential-no-more content.

My DarkCyber research team offered some ideas at lunch today. I just listened and jotted notes on a napkin. Here we go:

  1. Populate a journalist’s Facebook page with content related to human trafficking, child sex crime, contraband, etc.
  2. Inject images which are typically banned from online distribution into a journalist’s Instagram content. What no Instagram? Just use Facebook data to locate a relative or friend and put the imagery on one or more of those individuals’ Instagram. That would have some knock on consequences.
  3. Recycle WhatsApp messages from interesting WhatsApp groups to a journalist’s WhatsApp posts; for example, controlled substances, forbidden videos on Dark Web repositories, or some of those sites offering fraudulent Covid vaccination cards, false identification papers, or Fullz (stolen financial data).

Facebook has some fascinating data, and it can be repurposed. I assume the journalists spending time with the company’s documents are aware of what hypothetically Facebook could do if Mr. Zuckerberg gets really angry and becomes – what’s the word – how about vindictive?

How will investigators get access to these hypothetical poisoned data? Maybe one of the specialized services which index social media content?

Stephen E Arnold, November 2, 2021


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