Microsoft and Piffle

November 23, 2021

I enjoy deep thinking well expressed. I must admit I do not encounter the word “piffle” as often as I would like. Much about modern life in the high tech metaverse to be could be tattooed with the word “piffle.”

Examples include the knock on effects of the SolarWinds’ misstep, the cavalier approach to confidential and proprietary documents, and the low profile renaming of everyone’s favorite social media company. Yep, piffle.

However, the article “Microsoft Is Embarrassing Itself and Customers Can See It” provides an interesting example of editorial piffle. What’s surprising about a technology giant imposing constraints on its users? Absolutely nothing.

Here’s the piffle: The published article. I marked this passage as notable:

The latest episode began with Redmond making it harder to set anything other than Edge as your Windows 11 browser.

Okay, piffle.

Remarkable because Apple displays messages demanding that I upgrade one of my Apple computers. I ignore the messages and on one machine one of the clever teens assisting me blocked this baked in Apple annoyance. Magix Vegas begs me to upgrade. But I ignore the plea because it is a miracle that the Vegas software version I use renders without crashing. Upgrade? You have to be kidding.

There are some substantive Microsoft issues in my opinion. The “piffle”, at least for me, is the silliness ZDNet presents.

Gentle reader, that’s piffle.

Stephen E Arnold, November 23, 2021


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