Ads and Money Plus Surveillance and Strong Control: A Winning Equation?

December 30, 2021

We need to face it that if the western world did not have a mixed capitalistic economy, the amount of consumer surveillance Amazon, Google, Apple, and other tech companies would be the equivalent of government surveillance in China and North Korea. The Drum explains how advertising spies on consumers in: “Why The Death Of Third-Party Cookies Is Actually A Modern Advertiser’s Dream.”

Third-party cookies will soon be a tool of the past. Consumers are tired of ads, but if they must engage with ads they tire of seeing the same ones, lack of personalization, and authenticity. New techniques stress personalization and authenticity. New advertising tools will farm more consumer data to create the next generation of ads:

“In-content ad strategies use artificial intelligence (AI) to not only deliver personalized, timely content, but also to generate contextual data about the viewer. This data offers brands the option to target audiences based on sentiment, which adds a key emotional moment of connection between viewer and brand – helping to build both trust and advertising effectiveness.”

This sounds like harmless advertising, but it implies prying further into consumers’ privacy. There is a fine line between collecting consumer data for advertising campaigns and invading privacy. Lines need to be drawn and consumers should be informed and given a choice to participate in advertising. One could argue they could avoid the Internet, but that’s like saying a person can rely on US public transportation outside a major metropolis. It does not work.

Whitney Grace, December 30, 2021


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