More Search Excitement: Apple Google Payoff Alleged

January 5, 2022

I read “Class Action Lawsuit Filed in California Alleging Google Is Paying Apple to Stay Out of the Search Engine Business.” Now that lawyers are digitally aware professionals cades after the online money magnets began operations, interesting allegations are zipping around. I commented about the shallowness of some pundits’ understanding of the fuzzy wuzzy concept of “search.” (Chemical informatics, anyone or train movement in Ukraine?)

This news release may be a way for a law firm to generate some buzz, or it may be a valid proposition. Either way, the allegation is interesting. The source document states:

The complaint charges that Google and Apple agreed that Apple would not compete in the internet search business against Google.  The complaint claims that the means used to effectuate the non-compete agreement included; (1) Google would share it’s search profits with Apple; (2) Apple would give preferential treatment to Google for all Apple devices; (3) regular secret meetings between the executives of both companies; (4) annual multi-billion-dollar payments by Google to Apple not to compete in the search business; (5) suppression of the competition of smaller competitors and foreclosing competitors from the search market; (6) acquiring actual and potential competitors.

Plus, I love the word “effectuate.”

This is worth watching. From my point of view, the effort seems like trying to alter the characters in a film like the “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Stephen E Arnold January 5, 2022


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