Google: Negative Externalities

January 11, 2022

I read “The Internet Is Rigged In Big Tech’s Favor.” Published in the capitalist tool, the article includes a wonderful phrase for anti-competitive, allegedly monopolistic behavior, and collusion with fellow travelers like Apple. Here’s the passage:

this isn’t to say that Google, Facebook and the rest of the major tech companies haven’t done a lot to improve the lot of a substantial portion of the human population, but their continued growth and evolution requires critical scrutiny and some sort of framework to reduce negative externalities.

The phrase at which I marvel is “negative externalities.” Yep, negative externalities. At least the capitalist tool strives to suggest that Google and a handful of other companies have had what some might call a negative impact on certain sectors of business and upon some individuals.

The write up states:

When it comes to Alphabet, Google’s holding company, at least they are better at pretending. CEO Pichai is great at explaining why the company’s focus is on improving user experience to the maximum that his algorithms and artificial intelligence allow it. Yet, behind the scenes the company’s top priority continues to be its bottom line.

Okay, say one thing, do another. This is new? Nope, what’s “innovative” is the Forbes is starting to critique the companies which have been among the most adept at manipulating capitalist tools: Market control, PR spin, and the principles of that outstanding pioneer JP Morgan.

Right on time with insightful criticism. Great euphemism too: Negative externalities. Yep, when the Internet to some is big tech, magic happens: Misdirection.

Stephen E Arnold, January 10, 2022


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