Artificial Intelligence Generates Interesting Clowns Perfect for Kiddies

March 18, 2022

Like the Boston Dynamics’ robot reindeer, these constructs delight the eye. I wondered how many pre school and kindergarten classes would use the robot reindeer how technology improves a holiday experience.

See the Terrifying Video of Artificial Intelligence Generating Infinite Killer Clowns” sparked a new idea in my 77 year old mine. Why not use these videos at children’s parties. My hunch is that some would find these clowns a hoot.

The write up states:

… it probably never would have occurred to the futurists of the 20th century, not even in their wildest dream, that once artificial intelligence was developed, it would almost immediately be put to use to create nightmare landscapes of killer clowns.

I would love to illustrate this blog post with an image from the YouTube video cited in the write up. There are, however, the ever present defender of truth, justice, and revenue generation watching to make sure that no image is used without paying. Hats off to Getty, YouTube, Steve Pigeon, and others for making writing fun again.

Navigate to the article. Click the link. View the child centric clowns. Do some of these constructs resemble those who work tirelessly to enforce their view of rules and make money? Sure.

I watched the video and noted a possible resemblance between the terror inducing images and some interesting people I have encountered.

Stephen E Arnold, March 18, 2022


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