Microsoft Security: Time for the Softies to Release Windows 12, a Phone, or a Bid to Buy Tesla?

March 22, 2022

I find the headline amusing. I don’t find the story “Lapsus$ Hackers leak 37GB of Microsoft’s Alleged Source Code” particularly amusing. The Softies have become the outfit with a bright laser dot on the company’s logo. The write up reports:

The Lapsus$ hacking group claims to have leaked the source code for Bing, Cortana, and other projects stolen from Microsoft’s internal Azure DevOps server.

Okay, let’s assume that the story is mostly accurate or meeting a higher standard than that set by the New York Times for its coverage of a certain president’s son and his non-functioning laptop.

The article points out:

Furthermore, we are told that some of the leaked projects contain emails and documentation that were clearly used internally by Microsoft engineers to publish mobile apps. The projects appear to be for web-based infrastructure, websites, or mobile apps, with no source code for Microsoft desktop software released, including Windows, Windows Server, and Microsoft Office. When we contacted Microsoft about tonight’s source code leak, they continued to tell BleepingComputer that they are aware of the claims and are investigating.

Ho ho ho. Perhaps Microsoft’s security, including Defender, lacks some capabilities?

How many breaches are necessary before stakeholders make clear that the brittleness, flaws, and questionable engineering be remediated?

Is some wizard at Microsoft suggesting a re-run of plays which have worked in the past; for example, just put out a news release of Windows or splash cash and PR for a big acquisition? Just imagine a Tesla with Windows File Explorer ads displayed on that great big center display.

Stephen E Arnold, March 22, 2022


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