Can Ducks Crawfish? DuckDuckGo Gives Reverse a Go

August 19, 2022

I read “DuckDuckGo removes Carve Out for Microsoft Tracking Scripts after Securing Policy Change.” I learned:

A few months on from a tracking controversy hitting privacy-centric search veteran, DuckDuckGo, the company has announced it’s been able to amend terms with Microsoft, its search syndication partner, that had previously meant its mobile browsers and browser extensions were prevented from blocking advertising requests made by Microsoft scripts on third party sites.

The write up contains Silicon Valley-type talk about how its bold action and deep thinking sparked the backwards duck walk.

I am not sure if ducks can walk backward. In fact, after a security company assured some folks that privacy was number one and then was outed as a warm snuggler of tracking, will I trust the Duck metasearch thing?

The answer is the same for any online service with log files: Nope.

Oh, for the record, some ducks can waddle backwards for a couple of steps and then they try to walk, hop, or swim forward. The backwards thing is an anomaly. Perhaps you have seen a duck do a bit of nifty backwards walking? I have but it was laughable. Some of my test queries on the Duck have been almost as amusing.

Stephen E Arnold, August 19, 2022


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