AI Yiiiii AI: How about That Google, Folks

September 16, 2022

It has been an okay day. My lectures did not put anyone to sleep and I was not subjected to fruit throwing.

Unwinding I scanned my trusty news feed thing and spotted two interesting articles. I believe everything I read online, and I wanted to share these remarkable finds with you, gentle reader.

The first concerns a semi interesting write up about how the world ends with a smart whimper. No little cat’s feet needed.

New Paper by Google and Oxford Scientists Claims AI Will Soon Destroy Mankind” seems to focus on the masculine angle. The write up says:

…researchers posit that the threat of AI is greater than we ever thought.

That’s a cheerful idea, isn’t it? But the bound phrase “existential catastrophe” has more panache, don’t you think? No, oh, well, I like the snap of this jib in the wind quite a bit.

The other write up I noted is “Did GoogleAI Just Snooker One of Silicon Valley’s Sharpest Minds?” The main point of this article is that the Google is doing lots of AI/ML marketing. I note this passage:

If another AI winter does comes, it not be because AI is impossible, but because AI hype exceeds reality. The only cure for that is truth in advertising. A will to believe in AI will never replace the need for careful science. 

My view is different. Google is working overtime to become the Big Dog in smart software. The use of its super duper training sets and models will allow the wonderful online advertising outfit to extend and expand its revenue opportunities.

Keep your eye on the content marketing articles often published in Medium. The Google wants to make sure its approach to AI/ML is the winner.

Hopefully Google’s smart software won’t suffocate life with advertising and its super duper methods don’t emulate HAL. Right, Dave. I have to cut off your oxygen, Dave. Timnit, Timnit, are you paying attention?

Stephen E Arnold, September 16, 2022


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