Tor Friendly ISP Takes a Break

October 17, 2022

I usually do not post “real news.” I am making an exception today because two Tor friendly ISPs have taken a break. Usually when law enforcement takes down a Dark Web centric outfit, there are news releases, news stories, and reports about sentencing (if the “owners” are convicted).

Our routine check of the 24 Tor friendly ISPs we track, Ablative have either “paused” sign ups or disappeared. We are working to track down the individuals who have played a role in these companies. That’s not the easiest task for my team. There are some nifty obfuscation techniques available and creating personas (what some call sock puppets) is easy. Plus, the technique of paying a person in need of cash to set up an account without revealing how that account will be used is easier than ever. (Just check out the folks using free WiFi at a public library, a coffee shop near a university or methadone clinic, or individuals loitering near a food disbursement point.

Stephen E Arnold, October 18, 2022


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