The iPhone Is Magic

November 23, 2022

I believe everything I read about the Apple iPhone. My knowledge junk bun includes such items as:

  1. Apple has a secret $275 billion deal with China. China is, of course, one of some governmental officials’ favorite countries. See this write up for details.
  2. Apple cares about user privacy. Well, maybe there are/were some issues. See this Forbes’ article for details.
  3. Apple has a monopoly-like position. But monopolies are good for everyone! See the Market Realist article for more insights.

I had these thoughts in mind right after I read this magical — possibly cream puff confection of a story — article called “Woman Who Lost iPhone at Sea Finds It Washed up 460 Days Later in Mint Condition.” The article states:

Clare Atfield, 39, dropped her iPhone in the ocean and never expected to see it again, until an incredible 460 days later. On top of it, the device was in perfect working condition

The article added:

But a year later on November 7, she was contacted by a local dog walker who claimed to have found it on the beach, not far from where she originally lost it… “The gentleman who found it and I were both just in shock that it still worked,” she admitted. The paddle boarder was stunned there wasn’t much damage to the phone considering it was lost at sea for a long time.

What’s this tell me?

  1. By golly iPhones in free protective cases are okay after being submerged in salt water for more than one year
  2. The protective case kept the water from obliterating the information on non digital documents
  3. Content marketing is alive and well when the magical iPhone is involved.

Yes, I believe everything about Apple: No secret deals, no violations of user privacy for ads or any other thing, and no monopoly position. I also believe the iPhone survivability story in the estimable “Daily Star.”

Don’t believe me? Just check with a tooth fairy. I loved the “mint condition” point too.

Stephen E Arnold, November 23, 2022


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