Open Source Desktop Search Tool Recoll

December 13, 2022

Anyone searching for an alternative desktop search option might consider Recoll, an open source tool based on the Xapian search engine library. The latest version, 1.33.3, was released just recently. The landing page specifies:

“Recoll finds documents based on their contents as well as their file names.

The software is free on Linux, open source, and licensed under the GPL. Detailed features and application requirements for supported document types.”

Recoll began as a tool to augment the search functionality of Linux’ desktop environment, a familiar pain point to users of that open source OS. Since it has expanded to Windows and Mac, users across the OS spectrum can try Recoll. Check it out, dear reader, if you crave a different desktop search solution.

Cynthia Murrell, December 13, 2022


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