Grogu: Another Google Me Too

January 18, 2023

Google in my mind is associated with the breakthrough slam dunk home run idea of Forward Forward smart software “learning.” Yep, forward forward. Catchy.

If the information in “Google Reportedly Working on Grogu Tracker to Compete with Apple’s AirTags” is on the money, Apple’s Tim Cook may have to worry about more than cancelled headsets and reduced pay. The write up states:

Google is reportedly developing its own tracking accessory… The tracker is said to be in development under the codename “Grogu” — a reference to the popular Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” — alongside the alternate names “GR10” and “Groguaudio.” The only other tidbits that have been uncovered so far suggest that the Nest team is seemingly taking lead on the development and that the tracker may be available in multiple colors.

Now about the timing of the me-too. The Tile Bluetooth tracker showed up in 2016. Then Apple’s AirTag became available five years later. Now the Google is allegedly preparing its me too Grogu for release in 2023 or maybe 2024.

Several observations:

  1. Google’s me too products have not gained the revenue momentum of its Yahoo, GoT0, Overture inspired online advertising “innovation”
  2. I thought Google was engaged in Code Red, an effort to respond to ChatGPT with the super better greater smart software. Are trackers, which I think of as airline harassment devices and stalker tools, a priority at the online ad outfit?
  3. Acquisition and imitation may be competing for the Number One way for the Google to come up with great ideas.

Maybe Grogu, the baby Yoda, will use the force to neutralize the buzz about ChatGPT? Luke, Luke, use the Force.

Stephen E Arnold, January 18, 2023


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