The Prospects for Prompt Engineers: English Majors, Rejoice

June 2, 2023

I noted some good news for English majors. I suppose some history and political science types may be twitching with constrained jubilation too.

Navigate to “9 in 10 Companies That Are Currently Hiring Want Workers with ChatGPT Experience.” The write up contains quite a number of factoids. (Are these statistically valid? I believe everything I read on the Internet with statistical data, don’t you.) Well, true or not, I found these statements interesting:

  • 91 percent of the companies in a human resourcey survey want workers with ChatGPT experience. What does “experience” mean? The write up does not deign to elucidate. The question about how to optimize phishing email counts.
  • 75 percent of those surveyed will fire people who are declared redundant, annoying, or too expensive to pay.
  • 30 percent of those in the sample say that hiring a humanoid with ChatGPT experience is “urgent.” Why not root around in the reason for this urgency? Oh, right. That’s research work.
  • 66 percent of the respondents perceive that ChatGPT will deliver a “competitive edge.” What about the link to cost reduction? Oh, I forgot. That’s additional research work.

What work functions will get to say, “Hello” to smart software? The report summary identifies six job categories:

  • Software engineering
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Data entry
  • Sale
  • Finance

For parents with a 22 to 40 year old working in one of these jobs, my suggestion is to get that spare bedroom ready. The progeny may return to the nest.

Stephen E Arnold, June 2, 2023


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