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“Increase Google™ Rankings of Your Web Site”
An Insider Look at How Google Ranks “Hits”

Louisville, Kentucky, May 25, 2005 — Intellas LLC and Bluegrass Development, Inc. on Thursday, July 28, 2005 will present a seminar at the University of Louisville, Information Technology Resource Center located at 9001 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, Kentucky.

The seminar will focus upon factual information about improving where a Web site appears in a Google™ results list. Louisville search engine optimization experts will reveal basic actions to take to boost rankings on Google™.

The seminar begins at 8 30 am and concludes at 10 am. Admission is $30. Refreshments will be served from 8 am until 8 30 am. Intellas members receive a $10 discount. For further information and to register please see or telephone 502-589-4638. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Seating is limited, so register early. Remaining tickets will be available at the door.

“There is a great deal of interest in making a Web site appear at the top of a Google results list,” says Norman Schippert, president of BluegrassNet Development. “Reliable information about the practical steps anyone with a Web site can take is very hard to get. This seminar addresses that need.”

Stephen Arnold, the author of the forthcoming book The Google Legacy, said, “A high Google ranking is essential to an organization’s marketing efforts. Most people do not know what to request from their Web development and online marketing professionals. The consequence is making basic errors with a Web site. If these errors are not corrected, Google will demote a Web site or remove that organization from its index. This seminar focuses on getting the 10 essential Google relevance ranking tips explained clearly by Louisville-based experts.”

Seminar Structure and Speakers

The seminar is divided into three segments. Each segment runs 20 minutes. A question-and-answer forum will be held at the end of the formal remarks.

The first speaker is Stephen E. Arnold, who is an internationally-recognized consultant residing in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Arnold’s new book — The Google Legacy — will be published in August 2005. He will address the technology that Google uses to determine rankings in Google™ results. He will explain how PageRank technology downchecks or bans certain Web sites from appearing in the Google index. A highlight of this talk will be a look at the major voting categories Google uses to calculate a PageRank value. Attendees will get a tour of the more than 60 factors Google uses in ranking results in response to a query. Mr. Arnold has been involved in a number of high-profile Internet indexing projects, including the U.S. Federal government’s portal, He was a consultant to the White House on this project.

The second speaker is Debbie Hill. Ms. Hill owns Creative Website Marketing and has recently formed, Rev Up Now, LLC, a company focused upon expanding customer connections by providing complete marketing consulting services on the Internet and off. Ms. Hill will bring her extensive experience in working with such local growth companies as and Compasseco, Inc. by identifying the key issues related to matching Google’s relevance factors with effective marketing tactics. Ms. Hill will explain 3 basic important elements that anyone with an HTML editor can implement, which position a site better for effective rankings in Google. Increasing Google rankings can drive a high percentage of qualified web traffic, examples will be reviewed.

The final speaker is Kenneth Kloeppel, the VP of System Development at Bluegrass Development, LLC. Mr. Kloeppel is an expert in engineering and programming Web services-based Web sites. A graduate of the University of Louisville Speed School, Mr. Kloeppel is recognized as one of the most capable Web services specialists in the region. He will focus on the specific engineering requirements for a Web site that seeks a boost in Google rankings. One highlight of his presentation will be a discussion of page name conventions with a focus on the type of name use that Google’s indexing system rewards with positive relevance scores.

The seminar will be introduced and moderated by Dennis Jacobi, acting president of Intellas LLC. The question-and-answer session will be moderated by Norman Schippert, a successful area business executive with a grasp of core Internet technologies and networked systems.

About BluegrassNet Development

Located in downtown Louisville, BluegrassNet Development is the consulting offshoot of BluegrassNet, a Regional ISP (Internet Service Provider), which was founded in 1994 with the intention of meeting the Internet needs of the business community.

BluegrassNet Development has taken the experience and technical resources that go into running a high-availability and performance Internet Service Provider, and making those same skill-sets available to the business community through consulting services. It is very rare that a consultancy would possess such a wide range of technical expertise in-house, but BluegrassNet Development is actively supporting various Unix systems, Microsoft systems, VPN, routing, and other sophisticated networking technologies. In addition, BluegrassNet Development has built a ”development” division that builds custom software to help our customers maximize potential productivity that Internet technology has to offer.

BluegrassNet, the Internet Service Provider, has since expanded operations to incorporate ADSL, SDSL, T-3, ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, and Dial-Up 56 k connections to its regional IP network. In addition to these services, a full spectrum of Webpage Hosting and Server Collocation services are being delivered to businesses across the region from our Network Operations centers in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

BluegrassNet Development customers include Jewish Hospital, the Red Cross, and the Kentucky Lottery among others. BluegrassNet & BluegrassNet Development are headquartered in Louisville, KY with service and operational branches located in Lexington, Ft. Knox/Radcliff.

About Intellas LLC

Founded in 2001, Louisville-based Intellas LLC is the premier resource for a wide range of information technology services. Intellas is comprised of — and owned by — a consortium of technology and marketing companies and business professionals. By forming Intellas, these Louisville-area experts joined together to offer a better way to apply their resources and meet client goals. This unique consortium brings together veteran professionals versed in many different fields. Intellas members live and breathe information technology, Web-based applications, and software and hardware. Intellas has professionals who work in communications, public and investor relations, research, marketing, and graphic design. Intellas includes specialists who are experts in intellectual capital, copyright/trademark and other business support.


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