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Abbreviated Table of Contents

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The preface explains the genesis of this study and provides information about why users are demanding that their enterprise search systems move beyond key words.

Executive Summary

You will be able to get the principal findings from the study plus a broad conceptual picture of the technologies available from the 24 vendors profiled in the study.

I. Introduction: Setting the Stage

  • Search 2008
  • Maintaining Legacy Search Systems
  • Getting to More than Key Words
  • Market Context
  • The Super Platforms
  • Google and Dataspaces

II. Tracking the Players

  • A Snapshot of the Beyond-Search Market
  • The Beyond Search Market Map

III. Vendor Profiles

Many of the vendors selected for inclusion in this study are not widely known to search and information system professionals. Each vendor represents a significant approach to "findability" and information access that moves beyond the tyranny of the search box. Familiarizing yourself with these vendors allows you to compare and contrast functionalities in a more discriminating way. Companies with "beyond search" technologies developed outside the United States are in italics. Some of these companies will fill the void in the market created by the withdrawal of Convera, the failure of Entopia, and the changing product offerings from many of the well-known, vendors of branded search systems.

  • Access Innovations
  • Attensity Corporation
  • Bitext
  • Brainware, Inc.
  • Cognition Technologies, Inc.
  • Connotate Technologies
  • Dieselpoint Inc.
  • Exalead
  • Exegy
  • IBM Corporation
  • Information Builders Inc.
  • Intelligenx
  • IntelliSearch Inc
  • ISYS Search Software .
  • Lexalytics Inc.
  • Linguamatics Ltd.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • PolySpot SAS
  • Recommind
  • SchemaLogic Inc.
  • Siderean Software Inc.
  • Thetus Corporation
  • Vivisimo Corp.
  • ZyLAB

IV Glossary

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