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Managing the New Electronic Information Products. Written in 1985, one of the first books to address electronic information ROI.

Marketing Library Services: A Nuts-and Bolts Approach. The last seminar handout prepared by Stephen E. Arnold and the team of Barbie Keiser, Carol Galvin, and Sharon LaRosa.

Internet 2000 the path to the Total Network. Written in 1993, this book outlined the major features of the Internet revolution we have lived through.

Publishing on the Internet a new medium for a new millennium. A description of the Internet as a new information medium.

  • New Trajectories of the Internet Umbrellas, Traction, Lift and Other Phenomena
    Stephen's Arnold's latest book provides a clear statement of the new user of the internet and how to take advantage of these remarkable developments. Published March 2001 by Infonortics, Tetbury, England.

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