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Human-Intermediated Searching

Service URL Comment
Abuzz Post a query and hope for an answer
All Experts Emphasis on trendy questions about music. Free.
Ask Me Help Desk Formerly the Xper Site. Pose a query and get a free answer from an expert. Content is syndicated by Ask Me.
Atomica Formerly GuruNet. Lets users search for information without leaving their current web pages.
EXP Formerly Advoco, it is a high-end service. Fees can be hefty. Users provide ratings of the experts’ answers.
Expert Central More than 5,600 people available to answer the users’ questions. Fee-based service.
Expert City Limited to computer questions. Similar to Web Help. This is a registry of professionals who can serve as expert witnesses. No free answers from this group of experts.
Frenzi Experts’ answers are available via a barter system. Lots of work to ask a question and get an answer.
Know Post Answers earn credits. Experts post answers to get credit. This is a free service. Takes work to get useful information.
Keen Another credit-based site, but the credits are for telephone time. Users ask questions via the Web and then talk to experts to get answers. Another fee-based service.
Web Help Mentioned in the main report. This is an “Ask Jeeves” with real people, not a lookup table.


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