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Recent Proprietary Projects

The most frequently asked question about Arnold Information Technology is “What do you do?”

The easiest way to describe the unique combination of technical, business, and strategic analysis brought to each project is to describe recent work.

Our work is confidential. However, for qualified prospects, we can arrange for an individual to examine selected extracts from our for-fee work. The information is presented in a manner that protects the client’s identity and his / her information.

Here is a sampling of some projects:

  • A 300-plus page analysis of the Canadian government’s online activities. The report provides a summary of the budgets for electronic information for Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage, and the Treasury Board for 2000–2002 are provided. In addition, provincial and municipal activities are summarized. Annexes to the base report provide snapshots of more than 200 current online projects. Contact information is provided for selected major agencies. Information about Microsoft Corporation’s support of provincial activities is also included. This study required more than three months to complete, and it is believed to be the most comprehensive study of its type available. Completed: December 15, 2000. Qualified prospects may view an extract of the report.
  • In late 2000, Arnold Information Technology prepared profiles of more than 20 Application Service Providers. The collection of profiles was introduced with a series of tables that summarized all the ASPs’ strategy, pricing, and technology. Each ASP profile summarized the firm’s management, business tactics, services, and value-added reseller or partner programs. The information was extracted from interviews with executives, articles, and marketing collateral prepared by the companies. Among the firms profiled were Prentice Technologies, Aristasoft, Breakaway Solutions, Digex, Personable, vJungle, WebEx, Corio, Net Reach, Personable, and a dozen more. Anyone wanting to know what ASP business models work and why as well as those that seem doomed to failure will find this study of great value. The total length of the report, which took four months to prepare, is over 800 pages. There is no comparable study available of the ASP business space. A qualified prospect may view one summary table and an extract from one report.
  • For one of the world’s largest software companies, Arnold Information Technology analyzed the emerging technology for the personal digital assistant, smartphone, and featurephone businesses worldwide. This study involved more than ten researchers in Canada, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and the United States. The report consists of a series of PowerPoint presentations about the following companies: Palm, Handspring, Research in Motion, Symbian, OpenWave, Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola. A special feature of the report is a live royalty and revenue model. A person viewing the PowerPoint presentations may enter different assumptions about price points, discounts, breakpoints for royalty steps, and more than 16 other variables. A single click displays the financials for a particular company. The dynamic model requires PowerPoint and Excel 2000 to operate. In addition to analyses of the firms’ technologies, their royalty plans, and business strategies, the report provides detailed information about what markets the companies are likely to pursue in late 2001 and 2002. A qualified prospect considering Arnold Information Technology for a major project may view selected data from one of the PowerPoint presentations. The entire set of data consists of more than 1,000 PowerPoint screens.
  • In October 2000, an investment bank that has (alas!) been severely affected by the Internet downturn commissioned Arnold Information Technology to prepare one of its unique Executive Briefing Documents. An EBD consists of a personal profile of one or more executives, information about the company for which the executive works, and ancillary information about hobbies, personal activities, and business tendencies. An added bonus in this report is a snapshot of Richard Li’s father and brother. Mr. Li’s father is a wealthy, powerful deal maker also operating in Hong Kong. The father and son are competing in certain markets. Qualified prospects may view selected pages of the EBC prepared for Hong Kong-based Richard Li, president of the struggling Pacific Century CyberWorks company.
  • In early 2000, an investment brokering firm was putting together a $15 million deal. The company in question was headed by a pair of brilliant young people. The technology the fellows had developed after graduating from high school was an enabler of wireless information search and retrieval. For the investment broker, Arnold Information Technology analyzed the technology, interviewed the inventors and programmers, and prepared a two-page report recommending that the company receive funding. Unfortunately this document is covered by multiple confidentiality covenants. Stephen E. Arnold was right. One deal for this company signed in March 2001 was worth more than $5 million in its first year alone.
  • In mid-2000, the White House wanted to create an index of the publicly-accessible content on federal Web servers. Because Stephen E. Arnold had served on the Board of Advisors for the National Technical Information Service and had completed other projects for the U.S. government, Stephen E. Arnold was asked to prepare a work plan and feasibility statement for this ambitious project. Once the report was submitted, the U.S. government contracted with Inktomi to build the index. InfoZen, an established development and engineering company, received the contract to assemble the security, privacy, and architecture plans for the project. Stephen E. Arnold was subsequently retained by InfoZen to work on the security and privacy components of the follow on projects. Within the span of four months, this massive project moved from concept to reality. Feel free to visit the site at FirstGov.


What do these type of projects cost?

Stephen E. Arnold has a policy of working on projects that are interesting and challenging. Fees can be negotiated.

There is neither cost nor obligation for a preliminary meeting.


Contact Mr. Arnold at:

Postal Box 320
Harrod's Creek, Kentucky 40027, USA
Voice: (502) 228-1966
Facsimile: (502) 228-0548
Electronic mail:


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