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Strategic Inbound Marketing Method

What chiefly governs a marketing budget is the need to spend enormous sums of money in a useless way. The allegedly powerful MBA-approach to generating leads and revenue is simply institutionalized wasteful expenditure, just as a city dump is the receptacle for the refuse of a city. – Based on a statement by journalist Walter Karp

What Is SIMM?

SIMM is a marketing method that combines technology, structured content, and social distribution to generate sales leads, traffic to a Web site, and revenue. The origins of SIMM date from 1981 and the ABI/INFORM busness database business and the Dialog Information Service's SDI or selective dissemination of information function. refined this foundation in Mr. Arnold's work for a US government agency and the Threat Open Source Intelligence Gateway.

A SIMM activity sets off a chain reaction within the digital information ecosystem. With each pulse, the impact is amplified. Within a matter of days, the information finds its way into Web indexes, online caches, and social networks. With each information discharge, the cumulative impact increases. The message and the sender gain "force" in a market, among thought leaders and influencers, and the content that defines a particular issue. SIMM directs and influences a conversation and the shape of a particular issue.

The method delivers the following payloads:

  • A client gains greater visibility in various online search services. The method is not search engine optimization, but as a secondary effect of the method, the content becomes widely available
  • The method operates as a beacon, "pulsing" targeted messages to those connected to such services as RSS, Twitter, Facebook, and real-time information services such as or,, and, among other monitoring and content processing services.
  • The method performs a "shields up" function that serves to protect a client from certain type of positioning or competitive thrusts
  • The method performs a "beam me up, Scotty" function which moves a client from one information location to another information location automatically, seamlessly, when needed
  • The method functions as a communication mechanism allowing both outbound messaging and inbound commenting so that those interested in your message can be engaged in a conversation.

For commercial clients, SIMM is a next-generation marketing method. SIMM delivers the benefits of direct mail, news releases, social participation, viral marketing, and advertising without the costs and hassles.

Traditional face-to-face sales calls can be supplemented with SIMM and, in a few instances, probably replaced. Human person-to-person networking is still important, particularly in appropriate settings . But for the majority of prospecting and awareness tasks a company must undertake, SIMM will add speed, control, impact, and force to a sales and marketing program.

Learn more about SIMM at these links:

The SIMM method is the property of Stephen E Arnold and


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