Quintura Nets Interface Patent

January 21, 2010

Quintura Inc. received a patent in December 2009 for a “Search Engine Graphical Interface Using Maps of Search Terms and Images.” You can obtain a copy of US7,627,582, from the outstanding online service available for the USPTO. If that system is a little sluggish, a number of other patent document services are available. This invention by Alexander V. Ershov concerns:

A system, method and computer program product for visualization of search results includes a map displayed to a user on a screen. The map shows search query terms and optionally other terms related to the search query terms. The display of the terms corresponds to relationship between the terms. A graphical image is displayed next to at least one of the search query terms. The graphical image is associated with a URL that corresponds to a search result. The graphical image is a favorite icon that is derived from the HTML script associated with a webpage at the URL, or an animated image, or a video, or a cycling GIF. A plurality of graphical images can be displayed in proximity to the search query term. The graphical image can be a logo or a paid advertisement. A plurality of graphical images are offered for sale in association with the query search term, and a size and/or placement of each graphical image corresponds to a price paid by each purchaser, or multiple images can be displayed at the same location on the screen, and a duration of display of each graphical image corresponds to a price paid by each purchaser.

Quintura’s see and find technology replaces the laundry list approach to a user’s query. Here’s an example of a Quintura search result:


In addition to suggested queries, the interface provides the user with a tag cloud, which can be quite helpful for many users. I am no patent attorney, but there may be some legal eagle-type conversations about other firms’ use of the system and method set forth in US7,627,582. You can get more information about Quintura from the firm’s Web site at www.quintura.com. I wrote about this company in September 2009.

Stephen E Arnold, January 21, 2010

Oyez, oyez, a freebie. No one offered a single bent penny to write this short item. Alas! I shall report non payment to the Department of Commerce, an entity of repute.


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