WAND Partnership with Concept Searching Unveiled

January 2, 2013

A new partnership was revealed for WAND Inc recently. WAND is a developer of structured multi-lingual vocabularies. Digital Journal covered the story about the strategic partnership with Concept Searching in their article, “Concept Searching Selected as Founding Strategic Partner in the WAND Within Partnership Program.”

Concept Searching offers automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, taxonomy management software. Because they have met the requirements from the new WAND Within program, they have been named one of the founding partners.

Additionally, smartStructures has emerged as a marketing collaboration between Concept Searching’s advanced technology platform, WAND Foundation Taxonomies, and industry expertise. These vertically aligned solutions will be available only from Concept Searching directly or from a set of certified partners.

The article offers more insight into the history of WAND:

“The WAND taxonomies have been used for the last fourteen years by organizations that want to benefit from industry and business function specific Foundation Taxonomies, to accelerate taxonomy development and management. The WAND Within™ partnership program is designed specifically for industry leading vendors in the taxonomy market, who add superior technology value to provide clients with powerful solutions to manage unstructured content.”

This sticks out as an interesting tie-up and therefore one that we will keep our eyes on since these companies are positioning themselves such a way that looks as if it could be meaningful.

Megan Feil, January 02, 2013

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