Discovering Google Search Weaknesses

August 21, 2013

Much like a giant in an ancient parable, is it possible Google’s blind spots will cost them as the world becomes more analytic and big data savvy? While that currently sounds like a stretch, it seemed less so after reading a fascinating article in Technology Review, “Filling a Search Engine Blind Spot.”

The article spoke directly of Google and it’s blindspots, namely:

This information blackspot consists of location-specific information that is only useful for people for short periods of time. An example would be a question such as whether an advertised bargain is still available at a particular shop. Another is to ask whether parking spaces are available at a public event such as an air show, music concert or such.

This, coupled with the idea that Google’s blindspots are actually much more serious. The SF Gate reported back in 2010 that the search giants actual troubles lied in “Privacy and complexity.” Now that is something to ponder. Have we seen any evidence in the last three years that that has changed? No, what we have are the likes of Tech Review pointing out more blindspots. While Google dabbles in every side business under the sun it is starting to look like they are ignoring their bread and butter. Don’t be surprised if someone else is able to swoop in.

Patrick Roland, August 21, 2013

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