Factualities for June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

Numbers are fascinating. DarkCyber is impressed with percentages, digits, and outputs from smart analytics systems. Here’s a selection of the juicy bits from the past week.

2019. Year in which the famous Google PageRank patent expired. Is this significant? Nope. Partially funded by the NSF, the “clever” patent has been a happy hunting ground for innovators for years. Source: Google Patents

1 million. Number of older Windows devices vulnerable to a known exploit. Seems a bit low, doesn’t it? Source: Security Week

3. The number of six second ads which generate a higher purchase rate. Source: The Media Online (South Africa)

350 billion. The desired size of the US Navy’s social media archive for about 24 months. Source: Bleeping Computer

Minus 3. The decline in daily time spent of Facebook by US users in 2018. Source: Mashable

4. The number of triggers required to addict a person to a smartphone. Source: Metro Newspaper

$5.5 billion. The amount spent on artificial intelligence in the Asia Pacific region in the last 12 months. Source: IDC

11. The number of cross border GDPR violations involving Facebook now underway. Source: BBC

93 percent. Percentage of organization committed to smart software but a skills shortage holds these outfit back. Source: The Money Cloud

90 percent. Probability that an artificial intelligence system will catch you. Source: Phys.org

2.2 billion. Number of fake Facebook accounts terminated so far in 2019. Source: Yahoo

1. Rank of Huawei as America’s technology enemy. Source: Quartz

$4.6 billion. Cost each year of physician burnout. Source: Time

Minus 7.1 percent. Decline in eBook sales in Germany in the first quarter of 2019. Source: Digital Reader

1 billion. Number of bubble gum cards Recorded Future has available. Source: Recorded Future

5 percent. Percentage of people between 15 and 120 who do not have a mobile phone. Source: Ben Evans (No, DarkCyber does not know this expert.)

Stephen E Arnold, June 6, 2019


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