Factualities for September 4, 2019

September 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: Factualities will not appear on September 11, 18, and 25. International travel and conference commitments will interrupt our presentation of amazing outputs from individuals and organizations afflicted with the incurable disease Spreadsheet Fever.

Summer is nearing its end. Nevertheless, incredible numbers, statistics, and forecasts are thriving.

Our incredible number of the week is:

16. The number of students in a study reported by the BBC. The researchers determined that 25 percent (4 students) conducted an inner dialog when reading. Now the analysis: Either 3 percent of sample’s recorded thoughts involved an inner voice or there was 0.48 of a person talking to himself or herself. A sample of 16! Source: BBC

Other fascinating numbers include these statistical stunners:

53. The percentage of social media log in attempts which are fraudulent. Source: Naked Security

55. The percentage of consumers who use videos for purchase decisions. Source: Search Engine Journal

100. Number of active high tier criminal sites on the Dark Web. Source: Cyberscoop

200. The percentage increase in cyber crime attacks thus far in 2019. Source: ZDNet

210. Number of channels about the Hong Kong protests which have been “removed” by Google/YouTube. Source: MIT Technology Review

250. The number of sciences which account for half of the citations in a scientific online database of research results. Source: Nature (You may have to pay to read the original, presumably from scientists who do not cite themselves.)

400. Number of police agencies which work with Amazon for data from its Ring video door bell system. Source: GeekWire

613. Number of sites researchers found with click jacking scripts. Aren’t there more than 35 billion Web sites? Source: ZDNet

3,500. Number of donated kidneys the US discards each year. Source: CNN

$115,000. Amount of money an outfit called Crown Sterling to get a booth and a slot on the program at Black Hat. Source: The Register

360,000. Number of Huawei tablets which will get a Russian operating system called Aurora (based on Sailfish). Source: OSNews

29 million. Number of cyber attacks

80 million. Number of monthly users of the video game Fortnite. Source: Trofire

$150 million. The amount Google will pay to make  the most recent YouTube privacy judgment go away. Source: Bloomberg

$700 million. The total of defense contracts signed by the US DoD on one day. Source: Bulgarian Military

5 billion. The number of DVDs Netflix has shipped to its members. Source: Slashdot

$12 billion. The amount Purdue Pharma has offered to pay to make its opioid problem become a fuzzy, less problematic dream. Source: USA Today

$5 trillion. Estimated business losses due to cyber crime by 2024. Source: IT Wire

Stephen E Arnold, September 4, 2019


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