An Interesting View of Snowden

October 2, 2019

DarkCyber noted “Looking Back at the Snowden Revelations.” This essay highlights the “cryptographic” angle of the leaked documents. Key points in the essay are:

  • Explanation of the collect everything method
  • The importance of signals intelligence
  • The “problem” of encryption.

The write up states:

…the world that Snowden brought to our attention isn’t necessarily a world that Americans have much say in. As an example: today the U.S. government is in the midst of forcing a standoff with China over the global deployment of Huawei’s 5G wireless networks around the world. This is a complicated issue, and financial interest probably plays a big role. But global security also matters here. This conflict is perhaps the clearest acknowledgement we’re likely to see that our own government knows how much control of communications networks really matters, and our inability to secure communications on these networks could really hurt us. This means that we, here in the West, had better get our stuff together — or else we should be prepared to get a taste of our own medicine.

Interesting write up. Should the focus be on government collection and analysis?

Stephen E Arnold, October 2, 2019



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