Organizational Security: Many Vendors, Many Breaches

October 30, 2020

I noted a write up with a fraught title: “Breaches Down 51%, Exposed Records Set New Record with 36 Billion So Far.” I interpreted this to mean “fewer security breaches but more data compromised.”

The write up explains the idea this way:

The number of records exposed has increased to a staggering 36 billion. There were 2,935 publicly reported breaches in the first three quarters of 2020, with the three months of Q3 adding an additional 8.3 billion records to what was already the “worst year on record,” Risk Based Security reveals.

Okay. How is this possible? The answer:

The report explores numerous factors such as how media coverage may be a factor contributing to the decline in publicly reported breaches. In addition, the increase of ransomware attacks may also have a part to play.

I interpreted this to mean, “Let’s not tell anyone.”

If you want a copy of this RiskBased Security report, navigate to this link. You will have to cough up an email and a name.

Net net: More data breaches and fewer organizations willing to talk about their security lapses. What about vendors of smart cyber security systems? Vendors are willing to talk about the value and performance of their products.

Talk, however, may be less difficult than dealing with security breaches.

Stephen E Arnold, October 30, 2020


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