Expert System Has Embraced the AI Revolution

November 19, 2020

It’s official. Expert System S.p. A. (Italy) is now I know because the firm’s Web site displays this message:


Expert System has moved along a business path like one of those Amalfi coast cliff side roads: Breathtaking turns, chilling confrontations with other vehicles, and a lack of guard rails.


Repositioning a big rig is a thrill for sure.

The company’s tag line is:

It’s time to make all data actionable.

Yep, “all.” Even video, encrypted messages among employees, and confidential compensation data? Sure, “all.”

Plus, the firm has tweaked its description of its focus to assert: is the premier artificial intelligence platform for language understanding. Its unique hybrid approach to NL combines symbolic human-like comprehension and machine learning to transform language-intensive processes into practical knowledge, providing the insight required to improve decision making throughout organizations.

Vendors of search and content processing widgets are responding to today’s business environment with marketing. Expert System was founded in 1989 in Modena, Italy.

Premier too.

Stephen E Arnold, November 19, 2020


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