Fleeter Tweeter: Zen and the Art of Fail Whaling

November 20, 2020

I am not a big tweeter. I am not too keen on the Twitter thing although one of my team fixed up a script to notify people about a new Beyond Search story or a DarkCyber video. That’s about it. I do enjoy seeing a senior manager with a scruffy beard explain the inner workings of the fine short message broadcasting service. The idea of running two companies from Africa strikes me as particularly interesting, a bit like the old TV show in which a Kung Fu expert handled crude and clumsy bad actors with a finger flick.

Now we have a fleeter tweeter.

I read “Twitter Ends Fleets Rollout after Just One Day As New Feature Crashes App.” The write up states:

Twitter is delaying its rollout of ‘Fleets’, its Stories-like function, while it fixes “performance and stability problems”.

For a company with a new and interesting chief security officer and a summer security challenge, the Tweeter thing seems to have some technical enhancements to add; namely, beaching the digital fail whale.

Fleets of fails?

Be calm. Be very chill. Africa may be the optimal place to retire. Senator Ted Cruz might want to visit in person, not just virtually.

Stephen E Arnold, November 20, 2020


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