IBM: Emphasizing the Big in Big Blue Quantum Computing

February 12, 2021

Did you know a small outfit in China is selling a person quantum computer. Discover Magazine reveals this in “A Desktop Quantum Computer for Just $5,000.” This means quantum computers will be crunching Excel spreadsheets for those with terminal spreadsheet fever.

But one must think big. I read “IBM Promises 100x Faster Quantum Computers through New Software Foundations.” The write up explains that Big Blue has gone big, quantumly speaking, of course:

IBM unveiled on Wednesday improvements to quantum computing software that it expects will increase performance of its complex machines by a factor of 100, a development that builds on Big Blue’s progress in making the advanced computing hardware. In a road map, the computing giant targeted the release of quantum computing applications over the next two years that will tackle challenges such as artificial intelligence and complex financial calculations. And it’s opening up lower level programming access that it expects will lead to a better foundation for those applications.

Imagine how much better Watson will perform with more quantum horsepower at its disposal.

But there’s more. The write up explains in a content marketing manner:

IBM is working on increasing the number of qubits in its quantum computers, from 27 in today’s “Falcon” to 1,121 in its “Condor” systems due in 2023. IBM expects in 2024 to investigate a key quantum computing technology called error correction that could make qubits much more stable and therefore capable, Jay Gambetta, IBM’s quantum computing vice president, said in a video.

And the source of this revelation? IBM, of course. The future is just two years away. Sounds good. Now how about revenue growth, explaining how the Palantir tie up will work, and when Watson will deliver on that promise of a billion in revenue from cognitive computing?

Stephen E Arnold, January 12, 2021


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