Is Business Intelligence the New Silver Bullet for Managers Who Want to Be Even More Intelligent?

February 15, 2021

Survey results from an outfit called Reveal contains some interesting market data. “Demand for Business Intelligence Solutions Increases by 41 Percent” provides some data about the sample size (120 developers and information technology Napoleons) but zero information about how these individuals were selected, the confidence level Reveal considers just peachy for the analysis, and other now old fashioned facets of a “survey” once taught in Statistics 101. Those YouTube videos about survey methods are good enough, thank you.

Here is one of the findings from the study:

A 41 percent increase in demand for business intelligence solutions in 2020.

Okay, financial, social, and political excitement, the Covid Rona thing, and the implosion of once boring business sectors like airlines, real estate, and local small businesses.

Business intelligence to the rescue with real time analyses of data, predictive analytics, and nifty charts and graphs.

Were there other findings from this remarkably amusing sample? Absolutely. To wit:

  • 50 percent had budgets chopped
  • 23 percent had projects killed
  • 14 percent lost staff and funding.

Popular buzzwords include the aforementioned predictive analytics, edge analytics which I assume means cloud based services like Amazon AWS, and “natural learning” which I possibly machine learning, AI, et al.

Net net: Let’s bet on business intelligence. Better, faster, and cheaper. Plus, managers will be able to make better decisions based on actionable intelligence. Sounds good, right?

Stephen E Arnold, February 15, 2021


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