Google and the Annoying Australian Government

April 16, 2021

I noted “Australian Judge Rules Google Misled Android Users on Data.” The write up reports:

Google broke Australian law by misleading users about personal location data collected through Android mobile devices…

In the big world of the Google does this decision matter?

Chair of the Australian Competition Commission finds the decision important for Australia. The news story states:

This is an important victory for consumers, especially anyone concerned about their privacy online, as the court’s decision sends a strong message to Google and others that big businesses must not mislead their customers. We are extremely pleased with the outcome in this world-first case.

Like Facebook, Google finds that Australia is having difficulties accepting the systems and methods of the digital nation states. One risk to the GOOG may be that other mere countries emulate the ways of the Aussies. Imagine the chaos if the EC downs three or four Foster’s and screams, “Let’s put Googzilla on the barbie.”

Even Google’s legions of attorneys might balk at a trip to Brussels or Strasbourg as the Australian emulation attracts attention.

Stephen E Arnold, April 16, 2021


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