Russia Keeps Backdoor Into US Security Networks

May 5, 2021

Russia and the US keep each other at arm’s length. While the two countries might not officially be at war, each are wary of what the other does behind closed doors. In March, the US Department of Homeland Security was hacked in what is now called the SolarWinds hack. US authorities believe it was Russia’s doing and, according to Engadget, they kept a back door open: “Report: Russia ‘Likely’ Kept Access To US Networks After SolarWinds Hack.”

Despite the US bolstering their firewalls and security systems in the wake of the SolarWinds hack, Russia’s SVR intelligence agency could still have access to them. Deputy National Security Director Anne Neuberger did not directly state that Russia still has access to the systems, but did say blaming Russia for the hacks was not going to prevent future attacks.

Russia has hacked US systems for years:

“A continued presence in American networks is consistent with history. Russia continued to mount cyber attacks against the US after the Obama administration imposed sanctions in late 2016, targeting politicians and other systems during the 2018 midterms and beyond. Even if the US successfully dislodged Russia from government systems, there was a good chance it would find another security hole.”

While the US has a robust digital security system with robust minds operating it, Russia has their own equivalent. Each country will continue to attack the other in order to have an edge in this post-Cold War world.

Whitney Grace, May 5, 2021


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