Be Resilient. Follow the Google Regimen

May 7, 2021

To learn the secret, navigate to “Google’s ‘Global Head of Resilience’ Says the Secret to Avoiding Burnout Is TEA.” The acronym says it all: TEA (not the street slang for cannabis). Google’s wizard in charge of resilience explains the secret:

  • Thoughts. Complete these sentences to help you learn “to differentiate between helpful and unproductive thinking patterns:” “Today my mind is …” “To refocus I need to …”
  • Energy. The goal of the ‘E’ section of TEA is “observing how we are feeling in the moment, and intentionally investing in activities or people that fuel positive enthusiasm and motivation.” Complete these sentences: “Today my energy is…” “To change or maintain, I need to…”
  • Attention. This one helps you become more intentional about where you place your attention by asking you to complete this sentence: “To be my best today, I will focus on doing or being…”

Quite a mnemonic device.

How widely is this secret employed at Google; specifically, in the AI ethics department? The write up does not elucidate on this matter.

Resilience for one former AI ethics type the secret was landing a job at Apple.

Stephen E Arnold, May 7, 2021


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