Sharing a Stage: Microsoft and Huawei

May 10, 2021

Just a small item from “Huawei Calls for Closer Public-Private Sector Action to Restore Trust in Technology” in New Zealand. The focus of the write up was on a call by Huawei (yep, the Chinese technology giant viewed with suspicion by some in the US, delivered a message about trust. Here’s the quote from the Huawei professional explaining trust:

As more devices feature connectivity, more services go online, and more critical infrastructures rely on real-time data exchanges, so must governments worldwide ensure that everyone is protected by the highest security standards… We must build strong trust in technology, enabled by a common set of rules, innovations, and progress. Only then can we commit to the sustainable and trustworthy use of technology.

Okay. But the item of information in the article which struck me as important was this passage:

Other speakers from the private sector include Roche board of directors chairman, Christophe Franz, Daimler chairman of the board of management, Ola Källenius, Microsoft chief executive officer, Satya Nadella, and HCL Corporation’s chief executive officer, Roshni Nadar Malhotra. [Emphasis added]

I found it interesting that Microsoft’s CEO shared a podium at a conference about trust. As you may recall, Microsoft experienced a misstep with Exchange Server and has struggled with Windows updates which bedevil some users.

The write up emphasized that “that trust is inherently built on openness and transparency.” Sounds tasty. Trust.

Stephen E Arnold, May 10, 2021


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