Who Watches? Mom or a 20-Something?

May 14, 2021

It is undeniable that COVID-19 has forever changed the work environment. In order to guarantee that telecommuting workers were being productive, organizations adopted new ways to monitor their performance. These include software that pushes the boundary between professionalism and Big Brother.

Organization heavily relied on Zoom for business meetings and calls, but that could be a thing of the past if NICE works. CFO Tech New Zealand has the details on the new employee management software: “NICE Rolls Out Agile Workforce Management For Distributed Workforces.”

NICE is a workforce engagement management (WEM) platform designed to virtually connect workforces in one location. Even thought workers can log onto a work network, engage in a Zoom conference call, or share work via the cloud it does not give them one centralized location.

It also does not allow organizations the chance to check in on their employees’ work. Before the pandemic, offices had “swivel chair assistance” or direct communication with workers. Worker engagement is at an all time low, but WEM could fix that. Here some NICE features:

“Gain visibility – understand employee activities and behaviors based on desktop analytics and workforce management (WFM) data from schedules and activities. By leveraging business-based key performance indicators (KPIs), such as average handle time (AHT), productivity and adherence, organizations can now drive team and employee focus. A holistic view of the blended office and workforce also enables better management of performance and skill gaps. Ensure performance – personalize employee coaching to meet and exceed business goals by focusing on direct data that emphasizes knowledge and gaps. This enables supervisors and managers to guide the workforce in the right direction. Share dedicated employee dashboards that provide insights to adjust their performance course. Drive engagement – boost workforce commitment and engagement by creating activities that challenge, motivate and reward employees to achieve results and support teamwork. Reward success by applying points and badges and enable their use for additional time off or related prizes.”

Exactly what does NICE do as part of its business? Does the firm provide specialized services to intelligence agencies, security, and law enforcement? That’s a good question. The answer may put these NICE workforce engagement tools in a different context.

Whitney Grace, May 14, 2021


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