The Myth, the Man: Sundar Sundararajan

June 17, 2021

Want to know about the young Sundararajan? Navigate to “5 Stories Shared By Sundar Pichai From His IIT Days That Will Make Engineers Miss Their College.” Here’s the menu of biographical morsels in the write up:

  1. Changed name and misused an epithet. More info here, including the shutting down of a four star eatery.
  2. Met wife and confessed love in the final year of their engineering.
  3. Wrote with “big hand”. Like Donald Trump’s signature maybe?
  4. Persecuted or “ragged” by those older than he.
  5. Studied metallurgical engineering, played cricket, and ate Maggi which looks like a vendor of essentials like instant noodles.

Now you know about the Young Sundar. As some say about cricket, “When you are out, you are in. When you are in, you are out.”

Stephen E Arnold, June 18, 2021


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